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Power Trowel Finish

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Power trowels are heavy, electric/gas-powered machines that are used to create a smooth, strong, highly durable, and flat finish to concrete slabs. Different finishes are available by using a variety of blade types.

Features & Benefits

Nothing creates a strong, durable, and hard finish on concrete quite like a power trowel. Due to their size, walk-behind power trowels are often used on jobs such as driveways, warehouses, or commercial/industrial applications.

When used correctly, a power trowel can greatly speed up a project's timeline by allowing us to finish more concrete per hour, using less manpower, and while improving the quality of the concrete.

Power trowelling is not a do-it-yourself job. Achieving the desired finish is all about timing, knowledge, and – most importantly – experience. For professional results, you want a professional handling your concrete.

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Finishing Options

As the concrete "tightens", different styles of blades are attached to the power trowel and used for different stages of the process. These different stages of power troweling help achieve different finishes.

For example, let's say you want a "cream polish", where you cannot see the aggregate in the concrete. In this case we want to push the big rocks in the concrete mix down, so only the sand and cement cream are at the top of the surface. This calls for use of the float blades to bring up the cream. Next we switch over to the steel blades or pan, again when the timing is right, to seal up the cream as it tightens.

That's only one example – get in touch with details about your project to learn more.

This a great finish for garages and warehouses. Depending on what the floor is going to be used for, there are many sealers and chemical treatments you can apply on top of a power-trowelled floor to enhance durability or protect against other harsh chemicals.

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Installation Notes

Getting the right finish with a power trowel is all about correct concrete placement and timing.

Power trowels don't actually flatten an area. Instead, they finish it by creating a hardened "skin" on the top of the concrete. This means if you put a heavy power trowels on the concrete before the time is right, and/or the concrete has large humps everywhere (due to improper placement), you can end up pushing the concrete around instead of flattening it. This can result in a not-so-lovely "humped" floor, which may not be apparent until you go to install hardwood or laminate on top!

And if you trowel too long, it's possible to discolour the concrete and create a hazy "burnt" looking surface. This burnt look is sometimes desirable, but if it's done by accident you have a real problem on your hands.

Yet another reason to hire a professional for your concrete needs!

Where To Use Power Trowel Finish

This method/technique of finishing concrete works great with the following applications:

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