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Cut Lines & Borders

A spiral pattern cut into a grey concrete slab

We have three guarantees with concrete: it's never going to burn up; nobody is going to steal it; and without proper planning, it will crack. Thankfully our “crack control” experts are on the job!

Features & Benefits

Controlling cracks in concrete before they happen is another critical aspect in successful decorative concrete. After all, concrete doesn't bend! By using cleverly-placed borders, wet cut lines, or saw cut lines, we can literally and esthetically separate your driveway, walkway, or patio from others.

To reduce the chances of having uncontrolled cracks amongst your concrete, we recommend cutting concrete in squares no bigger than 10' x 10'. Fortunately, by using different styles of cut lines or borders we can enhance the WOW factor in your patio or driveway, while at the same time making it more resilient.

Using cut lines and/or borders to finish and enhance your concrete takes a lot of calculation to get right. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood and look at driveways – notice how often concrete is broken? We take pride in careful planning to mitigate and control cracks.

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Range of Options

We're able to create different types of break lines by using a variety of techniques at various stages of the project. Some examples are:

  • Wet cut lines – Using hand tools to create grooves in the concrete while it is wet with a variety of different radiuses and styles.
  • Saw cut lines – Using a concrete-cutting saw with a diamond blade to cut lines into cured concrete using different blade thicknesses and depths.
  • Zip-strip cut line – "Cut line strips" – plastic strips which are embedded in the concrete – can be installed while placing the concrete to create a thin crack underneath the surface. Over time these cracks tend to open up.
  • Border break – Breaking up your concrete with borders can be an effective method of controlling cracks while also providing a decorative finish to an area.

When thinking out your dream driveway, patio or pool deck, think about incorporating borders or cut lines to break up your concrete with different color and finishes. It can really help an uneven landscape look uniform, while at the same time protecting the slab from breaking up.

Benoit Harris, Owner

Installation Notes

It's true, installing borders or cut line requires more labour and materials compared to pouring a simple slab of concrete. For example, formed and poured borders require more lumber for forming, which requires more labor to set up, and will require several pours to achieve the look desired. Colour-stained saw-cut borders also require more labor and materials, just at different stages in the process.

But think about it another way: borders and cut lines are an investment in the future of your concrete. We encourage our customers to do the job right, the first time.

Where To Use Cut Lines & Borders

This method/technique of finishing concrete works great with the following applications:

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