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Thin Section Concrete Overlay

Thin Section Concrete Overlay

Concrete is heavy, and can be costly to have taken away. Sometimes it makes more sense to get a fresh start on your existing concrete using engineered thin section concrete overlays.

Features & Benefits

Put the jackhammer away! If you're looking to give a facelift to an old slab of interior or exterior concrete (due to cracks, discoloration, or other unsightly marks), you might not need to tear it out and start over.

If your existing concrete is generally sound, thin section concrete overlays may be an appropriate and economical solution. Thin section concrete overlays allow us to achieve a "blank canvas" look on existing concrete as a base for a new decorative finish, without demolishing the existing concrete.

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Finishing Options

With thin section concrete overlays, colour options are nearly limitless. We can also apply a variety of different finishes for different situations. For example, a rougher finish may be desirable for outdoor concrete, while a much finer finish works well for concrete furniture and concrete surrounds.

Here are some other examples:

  • Thin section concrete overlays can be coloured, stamped, polished and more!
  • We are able to work with both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • Specialty coatings exist for unique situations, such as re-sloping old floors to match new drainage, or to provide a water barrier in demanding commercial applications.
  • Thin section concrete overlays are appropriate in industrial settings as well. For example, we can apply a finish that you can steam power wash and it will not come off.

No matter what your application is, there is a product and a technique that exists!

Concrete overlays can also be stamped to make a patterned overlay. This can be on the expensive side, but is very effective where small areas are to be done.

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Installation Notes

Flat, open areas provide fewer challenges, and can be installed in less time, whereas small detailed areas are difficult and installation can take longer. For example, pool decks and patios are generally outside and in the open, making installation relatively simple. Vertical sections in walls and stairs, on the other hand, have different challenges that take more time and result in a higher cost per square foot.

Some of the commercial applications using thin section concrete overlays – such as using urethane cement in brewing applications – can be costly, with both labour and product. However, these highly-specialized finishes last for a long time in very demanding situations.

Where To Use Thin Section Concrete Overlay

This method/technique of finishing concrete works great with the following applications:

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