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Concrete Pathways

Stamped concrete in a curving outdoor pathway

From the typical sidewalk to the meandering garden path, concrete is the go-to material for getting people from one place to another.

Follow Your Own Path

Throughout history, we have been making paths and finding ways to improve them. With concrete, we have found the perfect medium. It is strong enough to handle all the traffic we put on it, while also being flexible enough to be very useful in many different places and situations.

By using a variety of techniques and products, we can build pathways that are nearly infinite in colour, texture, and style.

Concrete can also be highly functional, incorporating non-skid surfaces or demarcations that are perfect in high traffic, industrial, or exterior retail environments.

If you're looking for something other than the usual beaten path, we'll work with you to turn your vision into reality. Together we can build a pathway that you're happy to follow!

Circular concrete pathway design

Nobody said a pathway had to be straight!

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