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Other Surfaces

Close-up view of an exposed aggregate concrete finish

Custom decorative concrete can be used for so much more than just flooring. We love working with concrete indoors and out, in all types of unique applications.

Inside & Out

If you want to install something that is truly stunning to behold at your home or business, concrete makes a very bold statement.

Interior Applications

Once the province of just driveways, foundation walls and high-rises, concrete has found its way into many different indoor applications, including countertops, furniture, and many other traditional uses such as fireplaces and stairs.

From a clean and contemporary boardroom table to a funky and colourful living room set to a simple rustic fireplace, we will help bring your vision to life.

Exterior Applications

Concrete is a natural choice for the outdoors, but not only because of its strength and durability. In the right hands, concrete can be made beautiful, unique, and exciting. From driveways and pathways, to pool decks and outdoor living spaces, we're Victoria's go-to experts for decorative exterior concrete.

When it comes to outdoor applications, you're no longer stuck with simple grey slabs! Thanks to the advancements made in the concrete industry, and to our dedication to training and education, we can create results that are exciting and unique.

Repairs & Restoration

We can help you restore and repair your existing concrete, indoors or out. Contact us for more information, or request an estimate by providing details of your project.

Why Concrete?

  • Takes Abuse

    Takes Abuse

    Life can be hard on the objects we use all the time. Concrete is strong, durable, and easy to clean and maintain. A perfect fit for your home, business, and the beautiful BC outdoors.

  • Attractive & Engaging

    Attractive & Engaging

    Concrete can be enhanced in many different ways. With nearly limitless colour, texture, and finishing options, decorative concrete can accent and augment the style of any space.

  • A Healthy Choice

    A Healthy Choice

    Concrete is zero-VOC and hypoallergenic. Unlike more absorbent materials (such as carpeting) it won't negatively impact a person’s health. An excellent choice for your living space.

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