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Industrial Floors

Concrete floors perform excellently in industrial settings

From restaurants and pubs to warehouses and shops, industrial spaces and concrete simply go hand-in-hand.

Industrial Strength

The strength and longevity of concrete flooring suits the purposes of industrial businesses better than other flooring options. Concrete floors are also clean, require little maintenance, and can take serious abuse.

Concrete is the single most widely used material in the world. And along with steel, there is probably not a better marriage of two components. The strengths of one are almost perfect counterpoints to the weakness of the other, creating something that is incredibly strong, durable, and long-lived. Steel and concrete make for some of the most amazing feats of engineering ever achieved by humankind.

Industry Sectors We Work With

  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Breweries
  • Warehouses
  • Hangars
  • Automotive Shops

"Concrete is very strong in its function, while also being equally flexible in its form."

Built for Your Needs

OK, so concrete has excellent strength and durability, but you're not stuck with "just another concrete floor"! There are many ways of augmenting concrete to best suit the needs of your business.

With our expertise, we can help you to create spaces that:

  • are easier to keep clean
  • give grip to the floor to reduce slips and spills
  • can be made to be chemically resistant
  • use colour and/or features for various work area demarcations
  • add features that make your business stand out, such as a logo inlay or some other dynamic detail

Victoria Concrete Surfaces can help with both new flooring installs as well as upgrades and repairs to existing concrete flooring. We offer quick, flexible installation to minimize down time.

Learn more about the benefits of working with Victoria Concrete Surfaces in an industrial setting on our Why Choose VCS? page. Contact us or request an estimate to get started.

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