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Food Safe Flooring

Commercial kitchens are a perfect application for custom concrete floors

Food processing facilities are tough on their floors. Avoid damage and contamination with a high performance flooring system.

Food for Thought

The floor of any food processing facility is exposed to a large variety of food by-products. Many of these substances can cause untold damage to an uncoated concrete floor.

Additionally, these substances can infiltrate the concrete, resulting in microbial growth and the spread of bacteria. This in turn degrades not only the production environment but in instances may contaminate the products themselves.

On top of this, punishing cleaning and maintenance processes including steam cleaning and hot water wash-downs are likely to put undue stress on the concrete slab. Power washing will begin to eat away at the surface and expose the concrete’s weakness.

The use of aggressive cleaning chemicals corrodes the unprotected concrete, leaving it open to bacteria, as it becomes more and more porous. And on and on it goes.

Stop the Cycle!

For all of these reasons, it is imperative that an exposed concrete slab be covered with a high performance flooring system where consumable food and beverage products are produced, processed, packaged or stored.

Hard-working kitchens need a hard-working flooring system

Today, seamless resin-based surfaces are increasingly being specified in these environments on account of the material’s hygienic profile and hardwearing performance characteristics.

We understand the harsh demands of food processing facilities, and can help ensure the safety and cleanliness of your work area. Contact us or request an estimate to get started.

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