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Why Choose VCS?

Victoria Concrete Surfaces are custom concrete specialists

Our clients don’t all have the same goals, so we don’t try to approach every project the same way. We pride ourselves on working with our clients in order to understand what’s most important to their unique situation.

Tell Us Your Goals

VCS works with all types of clients, across all sectors, in order to meet all types of goals. Whether you have an industrial-sized kitchen or an entire warehouse, we can tackle all sizes of projects, big or small.

In general, we've found that our homeowner clients are most interested in the "Wow!" factor, while commercial clients tend to have tighter deadline requirements. Below we've listed some of the reasons we think you should choose VCS for your concrete projects.

Why Residential Clients Choose VCS

  • Start to Finish

    Start to Finish

    We handle every stage of your project, including sourcing other professionals when required. This reduces complications and costs, and keeps us accountable for our work.

  • Your Vision is #1

    Your Vision is #1

    Thanks to our talented staff, we can generate renderings of your ideas so you can see it in context, all before work begins. We keep you “in the loop” rather than “in the dark”.

  • Eco-Friendly


    Working with concrete doesn’t mean taking the environment for granted. VCS is passionate about using Eco-Friendly products to reduce dangerous toxins and smells.

Why Commercial Clients Choose VCS

  • We Hit Deadlines

    We Hit Deadlines

    We know that if your business is closed, you're not making money. We'll work with you to understand your deadlines and set up the project for minimal (if any) downtime.

  • Work in Stages

    Work in Stages

    Rather than take on an entire project all at once, our commercial clients like that we can work in sections. This allows them to keep operating, rather than shutting down completely.

  • Show Your Brand

    Show Your Brand

    Concrete work can be exciting, even in a commercial setting. Why not create a pattern using your brand's colours, or set your logo into the floor?

Why Industrial Clients Choose VCS

  • We Know Our Stuff

    We Know Our Stuff

    It’s important to choose the right products for the job, and it’s critical in high-traffic and high-wear situations. Our goal is always to do it right, the first time.

  • We're Not Bankers

    We're Not Bankers

    It might be good for us to work “regular” hours, but it’s rarely beneficial for our clients. Our schedule is flexible and accommodating when it matters most.

  • We Do Repairs

    We Do Repairs

    Industrial applications are demanding, and sometimes require repairs. When you need to fix or improve a pre-existing installation, we’re here to help.

“We’re proud of our work, and we stand by it. I think our clients appreciate our quick response times and open communication."

Benoit Harris, Owner

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